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Photo:  Skyline of Managua


Overview of the Greater Managua Metopolitan Area

"Managua Is Nicaragua" The Making of a Neoliberal City (1999) by Florence E. Babb

The Changing Face of the city of Managua in Nicaragua reflects the current government's desire to erase evidence of the revolutionary past and to present a welcoming environment for foreign investors and the national elite. The use of urban space is inflected by gender and power in the neoliberal era as women and low-income residents in general are removed from public view or located in marginal sites.  Ironically, harsh conditions may be catalyzing a more unified response from civil society to address the nation's problems.

Photos of Managua

Map of Managua

Interactive Map of Managua (WikiMapia)

Documents on Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Managua

Database of Protestant Congregations in the GMMA, 2002

PROLADES-RITA DATABASE:  Religion in Nicaragua

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