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Map of Mexico: Mexico City is marked with a red dot.
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Mexico City (start page)
Mexico City (start page)

Torre Latinoamericana

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View to the west - 2004-11-5 (316185)
(c) Arturo García
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View to the northwest - 2004-12-26 (328192)
(c) Arturo García
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looking up (368873)
(c) Jaime Cortés
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Official name Torre Latinoamericana
Emporis Building Number 113531
Address *
Postcode *
Borough Cuauhtémoc
City Mexico City
State Distrito Federal
Country Mexico
Technical Data
Height (tip) *
Height (struct.) 182 m 597 ft
Height (roof) *
Height (obs. deck) *
Floors (OG) 44
Construction start *
Construction end 1956
Elevators *
Building in General
Type of construction high-rise building
Structural materials
Facade systems
Facade colors
Main usages
Side usages
Architectural style *
Status completed

- 361 pylons bear 12,000 tons of the building's total weight. The other 13,000 tons are supported by the water contained in the underlying clay.
- At the time of completion, this was the tallest building in Latin America.
- Torre Latinoamericana is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.
- After surviving the earthquake in 1957, the tower was awarded the American Association of Construction and Engineering Prize.
- The elevators are operated manually by building staff.
- The name of the building has its origin in the name of an insuring company, La Latinoamericana Seguros. They both own and continue to work in the tower.
- The building is part of the restoration of the historical center zone.
- The northwest zone of the convent of San Francisco was once headquartered at this location.
- The top three floors contain the second tallest public observatory in the city. An aquarium is also part of the structure.
- The tower was inaugurated on 13th April 1956.
- For several years there was a digital clock in the upper floors that indicated even tenths of a second.
- This building, the oldest skyscraper in Mexico, represents the beginning of Mexico City's modern era.
- When completed, it was ranked the 45th tallest building in the world.

Companies involved in this Building*
architect: Augusto H. Álvarez

Other firms: La Latinoamericana Seguros S.A. de C.V., YPASA, Corporación HCR.

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