The Thai Community

Compiled by Clifton L. Holland


Immigration to the United States of America:

In 1993, there were an estimated 120,000 persons of Thai descent living in the United States.

Areas of greatest concentration

Los Angeles, California has the largest Thai population outside of Thailand.  Roughly 66% percent of all Thai Americans live in Los Angeles.  It is also home to the world's first and only Thai Town.   In 2002, there was an estimated 80,000+ Thai immigrants living in Los Angeles.   Thai Chinese are also included in the population.  Because of this, Los Angeles is sometimes referred to as Thailand's 77th province.  Note that both Bangkok and Los Angeles are known as the City of Angels.

However, there are Thai communities spread throughout the US. Other cities with sizable Thai populations include Houston, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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The IDEA Strategic Mapping and Information Service, directed by Clifton L. Holland, has produced a series of computer maps on ethnic and religious diversity in the Los Angeles 5-County Region by census tracts, based on the 1990 Census of Population.   See the following links:   

Los Angeles County: ../laco/thai.pdf (note PDF format).   Orange County:  ../orco/d-as-tai.pdf (note PDF format).

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