A Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Los Angeles

A Survey of Sources on

The Historical Development of

Religion in Los Angeles, 1850-2008


Compiled by Clifton L. Holland

Last revised on 15 March 2008


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We invite professors of universities and theological schools, their students and independent researchers to assist us in the task of correcting and updating these documents as part of a joint effort to compile a more complete history of the development of ethnic and religious diversity in Los Angeles.  We also invite you to send us new materials (student papers, thesis and dissertations) that we can publish on this website.  
Please direct your correspondence to Clifton L. Holland at prolades@racsa.co.cr

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General Introductions

An Overview of Religion in Los Angeles from 1850 to 1930 [PDF version]

An Overview of Religion in Los Angeles from 1930 to 1990

An Overview of Religion in Los Angeles during the 1990s

Demographics of the City of Los Angeles:  2000

The Current Situation of Religion in Los Angeles, 2000 - 2008

Language Diversity in Southern California, 2007

A Brief History of Los Angeles County

Demographics of Los Angeles County:  2000-2007

Demographics of Orange County:  2000-2007

Overview of Race, Ethnic, Ancestry and Religious Information & Histories

(See maps of Los Angeles County by Race-Ethnic Density, 2000

See maps of Orange County by Race-Ethnic Density, 2000)

   The Hispanic American Community (all races)

The Asian American & Pacific Islander Communities:
City of Los Angeles
County of Los Angeles
County of Orange

The African American Community

The Arab Community

The Armenian Community

The Iranian Community

The Jewish Community

The Native American Community

       Additional Bibliography