International Freedom of Religion Report, 2007
(U.S. Department of State)

2007 National Census (.pdf)

SIL-Ethnologue:  Peru

SIL-Language Maps of Peru

The Mythology of Peru
From The Myths of Mexico and Peru by Lewis Spence

Reflections on the Right to Religious Freedom in Peru (2003)
Carlos Valderrama Adriansen

The Church in Peru:
Between Terrorism and Conservative Restraints
Jeffery Klaiber

Chapter 5 of Conflict and Competition:
The Latin American Church in a Changing Environment

edited by Edward L. Cleary / Hannah Stewart-Gambino (1992)

Derecho de la Religion I.
El Principio y Derecho de Libertad Religiosa
en el Ordenamiento Juridico Peruano
Marco Antonio Huaco Palomino

Afectaciones a los derechos de libertad e igualdad religiosa en el Perú:
Propuestas para el Plan Nacional de Derechos Humanos
Marco Antonio Huaco Palomino

* * * * * *

Los Israelitas del Nueva Pacto Universal
Dr. Ken Scott

Bahais of Peru help energize an
interfaith coalition, winning key recognition


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