by Dr. Clifton L. Holland

(last revised on June 12, 2003)

Historical Overview:

Discovery by Christopher Columbus on several voyages to the New World:                      1492-1500

Dutch take control of Curacao from the Spanish:                                                                    1634

Dutch receive control of Bonaire in the Treaty of Westfalia:                                                     1648

Slavery abolished:                                                                                                               1863


Number of North American Protestant Agencies in 1997:                                                              8

Indicates European society*

Significant Protestant Beginnings or Events in the following islands:  Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Martin and St. Eustatius.


     1650       -    *Protestants arrived with the beginning of Dutch settlement; Dutch Reformed churches were established on Curacao and Bonaire.


     1705       -    *Roman Catholic presence established; a Vicariate was created on Curacao in 1842, and the Diocese of Willemstad in 1958. 


     1787       -    *Wesleyan Methodist Church formed by Bishop Thomas Coke in St. Eustatius; first Methodist converts were led by an African slave known as “Black Harry;” Methodist work spread to St. Martin in the 1840s and to Curacao in the 1930s; in 1967 these churches became part of the Conference of the Methodist Church in the Americas and the Caribbean.


     1825       -    *The Protestant Church formed as a forced merger of the Dutch Reformed Churches and Dutch Lutheran Churches by Dutch colonial authorities.


     1926       -    Seventh-day Adventists


     1931       -    *The Reformed Church in Curacao formed by members of the Protestant Church; included members of the Netherlands Reformed Church.


     1931       -    TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)


     1953       -    Grace Ministries International


     1964       -    Trans World Radio


     1974       -    United Pentecostal Church International


     1983       -    Southern Baptist Convention


     1984       -    *United Protestant Church of Netherlands Antilles (a merger of the Netherlands Reformed Church and the Protestant Church)


     1994       -    Gospel Outreach Mission



Date of Origin Unknown:


-       Child Evangelism Fellowship


                   -    The Assemblies of God


-       The Salvation Army




(1)       Dates listed indicate the earliest recorded ministry or in case of discrepancies, the date most frequently indicated.


(2)       North American Agencies include U.S. and Canadian.


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