International Religious Freedom Report, 2009

A Brief History of Jamaica, 1983
Clinton V. Black

African Religiosity in the Diaspora: Caribbean Experience
George Mulrain

The Christian Church in Jamaica, 2005
Arnold Bertram

Away With Obeah Laws Says Rastafarian, 1999
Sam Pragg

Dread History:  Rastafarianism

Obeah:  Afro-Caribbean Shamanism

Rastafarian Religion

Religion and Resistance: Obeah
Alexander Giraldo

Revivalism in Jamaica, 2002
Edward Seaga

Spiritual, Shouter and Chango Baptists in the Caribbean, 2000
Roxanne Stapleton

Tenuous Freedom:  George Liele (1999)
Milton C. Sernett

The Maroons of Jamaica, 1794
Byron Edwards

An Introduction to Jamaican Culture and Religion, 2002
Doreen Miller

Voodoos and Obeahs, 1932
Joseph J. Williams

Williams, Chapter 6:
The Origin of Obeah in Jamaica

Williams, Chapter 7:
The Development of Obeah in Jamaica

Psychic Phenomena of Jamaica, 1934
Joseph J. Williams

Sacred Texts:  African Religions in the Caribbean

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