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Afro-Cuban Religion:  Santeria

History of the Jews in Cuba - Wikipedia

Religion in Cuba:  Not What You Think
(Circles Robinson, April 2, 2008)

Churches Tackle Division by Discussing Ethics, Not Doctrine
(Dalia Acosta, November 6, 2007)

A Church Embraces Those Who Have Lost Their Way
(Dalia Acosta, October 30, 2007)

Catholic Church Loosing Strength in Cuba
(Ray Sanchez, September 30, 2007)

Report: Religion in Cuba still reined-in
(Tim Johnson, October 8, 2002)

Siete Decadas de Pentecostalismo en Cuba
(Rhoda Gonzales, ca. 1998)

Cuba's other Christians: Island's Protestant population climbing
(Ira Rifkin, January 16, 1998)

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