Political Map of Guatemala

Maps of Guatemala's Departments (.pdf)

Profile of Religion in Guatemala, 2001

National Directory of the Protestant Movement, 1980 (.pdf)
Part I - Part II

National Directory of All Religious Groups, 2006 (.pdf)

Headquarters Addresses for All Known Religious Groups
(Go to RITA Database Search Engine:  choose "Guatemala")

Public Opinion Polls on Religion, 1990-2012 (.pdf)

National Public Opinion Poll of Guatemalan Youth, Ages 15-29
(includes religious affiliation data, Spanish edition, July 2011) (.pdf)

A Family Tree of the Protestant Movement

A Chronology of Protestant Beginnings, 1882-1980 (.pdf)

Table of Protestant Church Growth in Guatemala (pending)

Protestant Mega-Churches in Guatemala City

Documents on Ethnic & Religious Diversity in Guatemala

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