Title: The Costa Rican Pastor, His Person and His Ministry

Author: Duane E. Anderson

School: Columbia International University

Advisor: Dr. Robert W. Ferris


This study examined the Costa Rican Evangelical pastor in the context of his personal life and ministry. Church growth research has amply documented the major factors of healthy church growth. These studies have demonstrated that the leadership abilities of the pastor is a key component in the success of a church.

This study used a forty-four question survey instrument that contained inquiries into six areas of the personal lives of pastors and six areas of ministry context. Results and data derived from the survey were examined to develop a "profile" of the average Costa Rican Evangelical pastor.

The pastor's personal life was studied in the areas of his age, family background, spiritual background and academic profile. Areas of his personal needs also were surveyed.

In terms of ministry context, data was gathered in the areas of the background of the church the pastor is currently serving as well as programs that are active in the church. The study also sought information about the background of the community from the pastor’s perspective and his opinions in such areas as the moral situation of the country, why people are attracted to the Evangelical church, why people leave the church and what he considers is the most effective methods of evangelism to reach his community.

Significant correlations were developed and significant opinion consensus’s derived from the interrelationship of various areas coming from the survey instrument. Factor analysis was used to reduce the variance within the data to produce a profile that is faithful to the occupational perspective and worldview of pastors.

The survey sampled 431 pastors, which represents approximately 18.7% of the 2,300 churches currently thought to exist in the country.

Significant findings and data are presented in graph form to facilitate factor recognition. The questionnaire and tabulation forms that were used in the study are included in the appendices as well as a reference list of books used in the background study.