Although PROLADES currently has a working relationship with numerous fellow researchers and organizations in many countries of the Americas, because of the demands of our new Religion-In-The-Americas (RITA) website we are attempting to expand our coverage of the various regions by seeking to recruit persons interested in helping with the process of updating and adding to our existing listings and documents for a particular country of their interest.

For most countries, we are hoping to establish a working relationship with someone (or an organization) who currently lives in a particular country, and who agrees to assist us in obtaining the most complete and reliable information possible for that country so that this information can be made available to a wider audience via the Internet. 

Some of our existing country research associates include:

The following GUIDELINES have been established to assist the COUNTRY RESEARCH ASSOCIATES in the process of accomplishing these goals.

We hope that you will join us in this endeavor for your own enlightened self-interest in order to speed up the process of finding and making available valuable information about your country of interest via the Internet to others who are also interested in your country.

We hope that you will find the RITA Database Project to be a valuable tool for research, teaching and sharing information with others about religious groups in the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula.

Clifton L. Holland, Director of PROLADES

Last updated on May 24, 2006